Thursday 9 December 2010

More photographs from Marbury park bird feeding hide

As I don't have much time today with it being 2 weeks till Christmas day so I thought that rather than write a long entry I would post some of my favourite photographs from my second visit to Marbury park which is a great place to practice Nature photography due to there being so much wildlife every where you go. 
I also did some filming at the bird feeders of them fighting and flying from feeder to perch but in slow motion to show how graceful and beautiful even the most common birds are that we take for granted some times. I should have edited a short video by Tuesday so I will post the best footage then.

Female Siskin
Great tits in battle
On the lookout
Feeding frenzy


  1. Nice pics Mike. Did you find Haydn's Pool

  2. Hi Mike, I took a look around and really like all your photos!!!
    Hope to see you join the next World Bird Wednesday event.

  3. Yes I did find Haydn's Pool it was abit frozen but I am guessing its a hive of activity in the summer.