Tuesday 12 August 2014

Cygnet story

With Snow still AWOL the Cygnets ended up getting left behind and with Flash looking after all 7 he had his work cut out especially keeping them all together when moving from the canal to feed on the river and vice versa. Two Cygnets were left on the river and only one came back so I'm guessing the little one met it's end possibly by an Otter as the 2 left on the river slept on a sand bank where the Otter regularly visits for food and scent marking. So a few weeks ago we were down to 6 and more recently 2 have left Flash with 4 on the canal and 2 of the Characters Patch and droplet have decided to stay together on the river and together they should be fine now as there bigger and more tuned to there surroundings. 
So 2 Cygnets have been lost since they were little bundles of fluff so for a big family I think that's quite good as the remaining 6 are very close to leaving there parents as they are a little smaller than Flash other signs of this are there beaks are changing color from Grey to Yellow and they are gaining the feathers they need to take to the sky's. So far it's been an interesting and emotional story to watch unfold on such a common yet underrated bird. Just when you think Snows disappeared for good theres a twist in the tale and today were walking along the canal near Flashes territory we bumped into a female Mute Swan that matched Snows characteristics.  She had no leg rings, new white flight feathers and was confident yet hissy and she ended up heading slowly towards hers and Flashes territory so a possible reunion may be on the cards very soon, I will be checking on the area to see if this happens so expect more Swan updates as and when I get chance to see them.
Possibly Snow waiting for her favorite food Sugar puffs
Snow was very near Rhinos patch but he quickly chased her away without injury's and I will post about Rhinos unique Cygnet very soon as he's called Quasimodo due to an obvious difference.

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Flash and the remaining 6 are all back altogether on the river awaiting Snows return

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