Saturday 16 August 2014

Rhino's little one Quasi

While on a walk along the canal to check on reports of an injured Cygnet and it was on this walk that we bumped into Snow heading out of Flashes territory and Into Rhinos and Auroras territory. In Rhinos family there are 3 Cygnets and one of them has a strange neck as it faces a different angle. I checked for injury's and infection on the cygnet but there was nothing. The cygnet was acting normal, feeding and interacting with the rest of the family and as the cygnet was reported to have a lump it was more of a hunch neck so we called this one Quasimodo. I think the Cygnet was injured when he was smaller and had a neck problem possibly a break and now it seems like the injury has healed but has left the cygnet with a slightly bent neck. As the bird seems to be quite healthy and happy I think we shall leave it's fate for Nature to deal with. The only other theory is that the swan has not developed properly and as I have seen other adults like this living to a good age. I don't think Quasi will have any problems if anything it will set him/her apart from each other.
Rhino heads after Snow and leaves aurora with the kids
One of the Cygnets with a normal neck
Quasi with his bent neck and he shall be easily identifiable character as he grows into an adult
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