Sunday 3 November 2013

Boating & Winter nights

I had a nice weekend on the boat and the nights have become darker & colder but yet it's nice and cozy on my boat. I really enjoy getting on the boat at last light and traveling along the waterways then mooring up in the countryside to escape the noise of the roads and last night it was lovely as the Foxes could be heard squabbling in the fields and Tawny's have become more vocal. On Friday I could hear the bubbling river and I have started lay back in my cabin with the skylight open enjoying a cup of tea but to be away from the lights of the town and my mooring allows for some beautiful night sky views and staring up into space playing Aerosmith's - Armageddon has become a weekly thing :-p as there;s something very epic about playing it in the total darkness with the moon and stars sparkling on a cold winters night.
 The thing I really love about the wet and cold months is the stars are stunning and for me it really chills me out and it makes those things in life that I worry about seem so small and insignificant. Whether for wildlife encounters, a meeting spot or a place to sleep under the stars my main reason for buying is to have a place to forget about business so for that it's been a well worth while en-devour that I recommend if you ever get the chance to take to the waterways of the UK.
The dark sky and rainbow this morning after abit of sun
 Flash and Snow visit for some Breakfast
 One of the Natural events I hope to watch from my boat!!!
Starling Murmaration 
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