Monday, 29 November 2010

Lots of Water rail at Croxton flashes

I went down to Croxton flashes to see if the Starling group had increased in numbers but they roosted at a different reedbed closer to my home as I discovered later that evening through the kitchen window and the numbers had increased.  

No luck on the Starlings but I heard lots of water rails calling tonight as the sun went down and the snow began to fall over Middlewich flashes. I saw one quickly run from one reed bed to another as it was about 60 metres from me away but as the light was running out I could not reach with my camera zoom so I will try again to film them but they are very shy so I do not hold out much hope but I will try anyway over the next few nights as the winter freeze starts to set in.


  1. Never seen a Water Rail Mike can you direct me there.Did you get my directions to Hadyn's Pool
    Regards Andrew.

  2. Do you know where Middlewich tip is or the big lock pub?

  3. well if you park at the pub and get on the canal there then head under the bridge and just follow the canal towpath. Once you go over the aquaduct which takes the canal over the river dane then its just round the courner then you go under another cattle bridge and walk to the area where the canal opens up into a larger lake area and this is where the Water rails can be seen at the minute they are very active from 3.50 to 5.00 just as the sun goes down as you will here there calls even if you do not see them.