Friday 3 December 2010

Water rail filmed from afar and a new duck on the river

I have been out for quick walk around my local patch today but due to the blizzards it was very quiet and I did not get my camcorder out so I decided to post some clips from earlier in the week but I have no way at the minute to transfer to my PC from HDV tape as I have no fire wire built in which is really holding me back editing new videos.
The first clip is of a duck I filmed during a blizzard that began at Croxton flashes and I went to shelter down by the river Dane which flows right next to the canal. After abit of research I think the duck maybe a Goldeneye which was feeding on some weed before it swam off up river which is a great little duck to see on my local patch as I have never seen one before let alone on the river dane.

The second clip is of what I believe is a water rail that's running over the ice at the back of Croxton flashes to a different reed bed as I have heard there calls over the past few months but this is the most I have seen but if the harsh weather continues maybe I will get some better footage or get a photograph of one of the most hardest birds to see.


  1. Hi Mike, your duck on the river is a female Goldeneye. Nice bit of film. Good luck with your documentary...

    Regards Stewart...

    PS A few years back when we lived in a different house, we used to have all 5 breeding owl species seen in a year within 1 sq km of home. Tawny, Barn, Little and Long Eared all bred within the 1km sq and Short Eared was a regular winter visitor that bred about 2 miles away one year. Here we have Barn and Tawny quite commonly but the rest are very rare...