Sunday 10 November 2013

Flash and Snow romance in the dark

As this is Flash & Snows first Winter together as they met at the end of last Winter after Flash lost his mate of many years Dawn to a pylon incident when she took off from a local reservoir. After there first nesting season failed after a few months of being together I was not surprised as it seems that Mute Swans have a very close relationship and it can take 12 months for them to be truly bonded to each other and after observing them in the dark from my boat it seems that they are fully committed to each other and I am thinking 2014 will be a better breeding season. 
Hopefully 2014 will be Flashes year to be a Dad again
Kayaking buddys
The differences between this year and last year is that they are defending a large territory through the day and night, they are staying close together as they separated for a while and Snow went one direction and Flash the other for a few weeks so it seems this pair of characterful Swans have now fully bonded.
Taken on Iphone camera
When Flash heard Swans flying over in the dark there communication with each other was immediate and there wings would rise and they would come together heads bowed and created the love heart symbol that is a sign of Swans in love and to watch under the stars was a special sight.They may be a common bird but to me an awesome overlooked bird that we all see but never really think of there lives and what goes on when the sun goes down and hopefully over the winter I will share my findings with all my blog readers.

Thank you 



  1. Beautiful lighting in the first photo. It also definitely has the "awww factor" !!!

  2. Thank you and to get close to this pair is amazing as they let me right up to there nest and hopefully one I can film them hatching.