Sunday 11 March 2012

Thieves and mindless individuals in the countryside!!!!!!

A quick post just to update on some bad experiences over the past few weeks from one of my hides being stolen from a bramble patch which was being used for filming wildlife in an area of wasteland it was broken and tied down to a tree with a hole in the roof but the point that I have realised is that some people will take anything so its best that not to leave any signs of human activity in an area as well as my hide being taken I have noticed strangers eyeing up my bird boxes whether to steal or vandalise them is not clear so I have had to remove them for the safety of any birds that may have decide on using to raise a family then having there egg destroyed by mindless idiots who have no respect for wildlife or there local community. 
I have my suspicions of who the people are and if any of the wildlife of the area is threatened or injured by the individuals they will be reported to the RSPCA and local wildlife crimes officer who will then deal with them directly. from now on I will have to be extra careful of what I leave and make sure the wildlife of my local area is safe and my main priority is the Badgers and there setts and I and a few others check the setts with visual logos stating our groups name we check at different times of the day and night to make sure they remain safe as I believe that the mindless individuals that go into the countryside where they believe they can go and get away with Badger baiting need to be shown that people are watching and the setts are being monitored and any strange vechiles or groups with specifics dogs types will be reported to the authoritys for further investigation hopefully our presence will may those individuals think twice before commiting the sick act of a wildlife crime.

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