Saturday 10 March 2012

Foxy remains lead to a den!!!!

At the weekend I found remains of dead fox probably removed from a den during prepping for birth of cubs as the flesh had gone but fur was still there as well as most of the bones of the Fox from leg bones, back bone and the skull that was a little damaged but I have saved the canine teeth. 
I have decided to give them away to an up and coming wildlife film maker Yusuf Akhtar who loves Foxes and I am sure he will like to add these to his nature collection I will get more photos and have a look around the area abit as when we were looking at the remains behind us a Fox ran past on the opposite side of a stream away from us and disappeared into nearby bushes so I am hoping I can film the cubs here as well as at three other sites that could possibly deliver me some Foxy footage in 2012.

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