Monday 27 February 2012

A review of a weeks filming 1/3

Unfortunately I could not post any blogs on my filming week in North Wales due to only having an iphone with 3G so it was quite difficult to post any bloggings so I thought I would do a 3 part blog post showing some of my photographs and videos from the week.
On the way to the cottage In North Wales it was snowing and the mountains of snowdonia were snow capped so we were excited at the prospect of filming Llandudno in the snow but as we arrived it was warm and sunny so there was no snow but it was perfect for filming the Seals in the area but the tide was in and there were no Seals to be seen so that was that plan cancelled and it was onto the Foxes of the little orme and after a few days we realised they were not in the area where we filmed them in the summer and if the Vixen was around she was possibly in the den with her newborn cubs but we will have to wait till April when we return to find out.
Overall the weather was a mix of wind, rain then it became warm and sunny later in the week so that gave us the perfect oppurtunity to go out for an 15 mile walk from Abergele to Llandudno and on the way we discovered some great new sites to film at from a river flowing into the sea which will be great for Trout, Salmon later in the year. Along the route on the coastal path we kept our eyes for Purple Sandpipers as well getting some footage and photos of they as they waited for the tide to go out.
Waders in blur
 Redshanks stand off

Curlew on some grazing land by the coastal path
Later in the week we finally got to see the angelic Short eared Owls at a secret site in North Wales and at one point we saw four of them flying off to a quieter area of the site due to dog walkers walking right across there quartering(flying and hunting) areas so that became anoying after a while I did not really get much footage or photos of them as I was just glad I got to see them as they are first for me and another species of Owls off the list.
A perfect sunny day and after an hour they disapeered as a rain storm came in but I got the photograph of it perched and Ryan got photo of it flying not the best but I will try again in the future now I know where they can be found.
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  1. Sounds like a lovely trip Mike... Ryans flight shot is wonderful to see..

  2. Yes, that's a lovely shot of the owl in flight.

  3. Thank you both I will pass that on.