Thursday 1 March 2012

A review of a weeks filming 2/3

So after a few days of trying to film the Owls we decided on trying to film the Foxes at night as they feed on the promenade and as I suspected the came down from the Orme to feed and mark the area we decided on getting up really early at 3am to go to the prom and as the area is well lit it was perfect and we spotted one by a swimming pool on a patch of grass and for a while it had a scratch then as we approached it ran off to safety on the way to the prom we could hear the waves hitting the beach as well as Tawny Owls calling which is a first for me to hear the two together I came away with no photo or footage but it was worth getting up early for so I will try again over the summer months to see if we can get the shots.
These Sea gulls were waiting under the lamp posts undisturbed by my bright flash and as I have never photographed them at night it seemed like a nice photo to get with lights of the prom and hotels behind them.
On our way we stopped off at the Seal bay to see if there were any on the beach and there were loads so we got our grips on to safely climb down without disturbing them from there slumber it was tough to get so close but after climbing in and out of the rocks we got to a safe vantage point but as I only had my DSLR with me and the light was very bad I could only get a few decent shots and abit of footage which is below after five minutes we left so they could be in peace as well as we only had 1hr to get back and pack to return home.
Later in the year when I return I hope to film and swim with them in the shallows on some early mornings in the summer which will be a great encounter and one I am looking forward to I have all my kit ready as well as reasearched into how to do this and it seems pretty simple.

One more post to go then its back to my local patch news!!!!
Below I decided to experiment with my Iphone and some left over chips and heres what I got plus some windy video which I will post next time.
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  1. Absolutely loved the gull shot, original and well lit, wish I'd thought of it first!

  2. Thanks for that it was an unplanned shot that I thought of in the moment and that led me to the idea of a getting a Fox photo on the prom due to it being so well lit.