Saturday 18 February 2012

Quick update - Off for a weeks filming in Wales

 Sorry for the lack of posts lately I have alot going on with prepping for my first trip to North Wales since September 2011 so this week me and my brother are setting off to try and film and photograph Seals, Snow Buntings, Coastal Fox family, Short Eared Owls, Purple Sandpipers and whatever else I can find. One job I have given to my brother Ryan is to do lots of Timelapse from footage of day to night over a seaside town as well as tide in/out, pier activity and lots more but one thing I am sure of  is that by the end of the week I will be tired and ready for another week off work, wish me luck and I will try and post photos and posts each day but as I only have my Iphone 3G is might be too tricky so check out my Twitter postings for any updates.

No photographs taken lately so here's a cheeky bird!!!!!!!!!!

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