Monday 10 October 2011

10 bird boxes to buy but which ones do I choose?

 I have abit of money to spend this month on my 2012 Bird box filming project where I will try to film the birds around my local area including water birds as well as the everyday birds from Robins to Blue tits all in natural woodland and waterway habitats. 

  Below are the birds I wish to film in a woodland setting and with abit of select placing at the right time of year the birds may use to roost during the cold winter nest then in spring then will use to nest in but it should be quite a challenge and even if 1/10 of the bird boxes are used it will still be a start in my next post I will write a list of the birds I wish to film nesting in a woodland habitat.

As well as buying 10 bird boxes for the project I will be building 10 floating nest platforms for my local flashes using recycled wood from the river and old car tyres that will enable the nests to rise with the water level instead of the nests being submerged underwater and destroying the eggs something needs to be done. As the flashes water rises due to man made causes for example the locks being opened during heavy rain destroys I believe that man should solve the problem so I have taken this task up and the nest rafts should be on the water at the end of winter probably early February time and as I have tested a design and is on the flashes now it should be quite easy to complete after a week of working in the workshop. One thing I need to solve is how do I hold the floating rafts in place I can either tie to the reed beds using rope but does not seem sturdy enough to put up with the wind and rough water that can sometimes occur on the flashes so I will have to get my thinking cap on when I next go kayaking on the flashes which sometime this week if the weather improves.

I will also post the birds on the Flashes that I wish to film nesting on or in the nest rafts/reed boxes. I also must not  forget the artificial Otter Holt I am currently working on that will be in place at Otters pass before Winter arrives in November.

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  1. Mike if you buy 10 boxes try 8 tit type and 2 open fronted. The open boxes need to be in Ivy some where hidden, not in the open. The hole fronts can be just about anywhere on wood edge or interior. I bet if you keep them a nice distance ( 100 mtrs each) apart you will get 90% successfully occupied. The open boxes are much more a case of chance or good luck! Oh if you want Coal Tit keep near pines and try a box only a metre from the ground. they like to keep low.

    Cheers Stewart.

  2. Great thinking but I forgot to mention that I need a couple of Owl boxes as well due to Tawny Owls roosting in the wood.