Tuesday 29 November 2011

Trouble at the Tawny glade hide

After work yesterday I wanted to go to the Tawny glade hide to top up the feeders after a windy weekend and on arrival something did not seem right as the hide back door was up and the front of the hide was wide open and after checking we noticed the front camo panel had gone. I don't know if it was blown away during the bad weather at the weekend but as that was the only thing gone and I knew how secure it was I am thinking that it was taken by someone who found the hide and decided that they would take it so just to be safe we have taken down most of the hide except the roof and wooden frame so we have some where to shelter if bad weather comes in and today it did about 20mins it rained heavily so it was lucky I left it.
I have got some great footage and photos from using the hide for now so I have brought it home with some of the bird feeders but I have left a few small feeders and bird table so I can still drop off food so the birds are not affected and so they do not have to look for a new food source. But for now we will watch and check for signs of any unusual activity and as I have been going there for many years I usually can tell if anybody or anything has been there. 
I am gutted that someone would take something of such little value but saying that I cannot be positive that anyone took it as the wind was so strong and for all I know the Badgers could have taken it and used it for bedding but to be safe I will leave any more hide building for now and I keep my guard up as due to it being the hunting season it could easily be someone wishing to do harm to the wildlife around my hide. But as we left in the fading light I spotted to the two Tawny Owls huddled next to each other in a thick shrub that gave us the name for our hide which for now is sadly no more. But fingers crossed I can solve the mystery of the missing camouflage then it can be rebuilt stronger and better than before in a new area so I can film the wildlife without causing any disturbance.

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  1. A shame if it's been removed Mike but I tend to lean towards the weather... vandals etc would have taken the lot..
    Keep up your wonderful efforts.

  2. Unfortionately Andrew I left a fishing rod that I don't use anymore by the hide structure to see if it would still be there this afternoon and it wasn't so that confirms my first idea that somebody took it but I don't think its vandals maybe an individual possibly a hunter as they seem to go everywhere at this time of year looking for things to shoot but I want of find out who it is so we will have to see.