Tuesday 11 October 2011

Night kayaking on the flashes - A great first test

Last Sunday evening we decided to try something new and kayak on the flashes after dark to see if we could see any nocturnal wildlife on the water. We had lights fitted to the front of our kayaks so at least we could see where we were going and I used my night vision scope while my brother used an IR torch with a Sony handy cam on night vision mode. It was a strange experience being on the water in the dark but if I was any comfier or relaxed I would have fallen asleep I managed to get abit of footage of the Mallard group that follows us when we kayak on the flashes during the day but other than that we saw nothing really and as a test trip is was very successful. I hope to try again soon and I will be bringing some other pieces of kit including a Bat detector as we spotted a few Bats feeding on the waters surface another piece of kit I will be taking with me will be a night vision CCTV camcorder for on the front of my kayak to capture my view.
I will post a photograph of my pimped up kayak the next time i go night time kayaking as on the first test I was very adamant on getting on the water and packed up very quick due to having to walk 2 miles down a very dark canal towpath home.

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