Sunday 29 June 2014

The Foxes next door and across the road!!!!

On my way back from doing some Dolphin spotting and hearing that they were close to shore further up the coast only about 30 minutes walk from the cottage where we were staying. As the sun was about to go down I decided not to go and see if we could find the pod as it would have been too dark to see them or take photographs and it was lucky we didn't go to Rhos on sea to see the Dolphins as walking back to the cottage we noticed a Fox come out from the garden next door to where we were staying but as it saw us heading up the hill it stood for 30s watching then headed back into next doors garden.
I managed to get a couple of shots which I was happy with and it was probably the closest I had been to an Urban Fox in day light.
 We never saw this individual again over the 2 weeks we stayed there. While looking out of the upstairs bedroom window one day at the beautiful surroundings of the woodlands and cliff edges I spotted a Vixen and 2 cubs playing and sunbathing each evening as the sun went down.
The family was to far away to photograph but I managed to film on my DSLR and watch there antics through binoculars as they played in the sun.
Our setup where we watched the Foxes from became an office for the trip
 My DSLR setup on the Foxes
 The view from the window the only thing that spoiled it was the telephone line
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View from the Little Orme over Penryhn bay

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