Monday 16 October 2023

Back after moving and a new wildlife garden from scratch...

After months of moving house and various holidays I now have fully moved to a new area and theres lots on my doorstep and at my new house we are starting from scratch and only have a few visiting birds to the bird table. In time I want to landscape for wildlife and increase the visitors in the future. In the area less than a mile around my house I have seen plenty from Barn Owls to Foxes and maybe even Roe Deer. I have setup a new wild bird feeding station out of the way and the birds visiting are emptying the tables and feeders so fast.

 Its only Autumn and I cannot wait till winter and seeing the shadow of thes Peak District behind the birds is a glorious sight at sunrise which will only be enhanced by snow and the grip is one thing which will increase bird and mammal visits for free food.

More coming soon

Thank you


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