Tuesday 20 November 2018

A trip to Anglesey Porth Wen 1/2

Last week we enjoyed a week on the coast of Anglesey and the weather was amazing with sun, hail, cloud, and Thunderstorms and to me, it was wonderful being out with just the things in my backpack.
Redline we walked
One place we decided to visit and camp near was an old Victorian brickworks which are right at the top of Anglesey down a well-worn path that had a flow of water all the way down.
Drying out our stuff from camping the previous night
Porth Wen building looked stunning in the Autumnal light
The largest building in the area as the sun went down
There was no one else camping there but I did not feel relaxed enough being at the end of a waterfall created the path and if we needed to leave the area in the night it would be tough. An hour before sunset we headed back up to look at some ruins to use as a camping spot and as we reached the top it started to rain. We chose a high sheltered point near some turbines but it had an amazing view of Porth wen bay and the surrounding hills and sea. We set up the tent at last light just as the weather turned the sky went black and we found ourselves up high in a thunderstorm. It was exhilarating laying in the comfort of my down sleeping bag holding the outer part of the tent from the 30mph winds. We survived the night and packed up 2 hours before light to clear up the area and await a gap in the rain and the sunrise as the paths were tricky in the dark. On the 3-4 miles walk back to Almwch we were joined by Porpoises feeding on the tideline as the rain got harder and the sky turned red we were soaked through but full of energy and happy to be surrounded by natural beauty.
Next time I will include some more wildlife photographs as I did not take to many due to having my camera packed in two sections to balance our backpacks weight.

Stay wild


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