Thursday 5 July 2018

Feeling hot hot hot

A few weeks ago on my way back from paddle boarding I got informed by a lady the local swan family had got seperated. One cygnet on it's own on one side of the lock and the other 3 Cygnets and parenston the other so with all my gear I went in search of the youngster. I finally found the wanderer alone speeding off but luckily it got distracted by a boater with bread. 
I knocked on the window and asked one boater for a net and one to bring the cygnet round with food. 
I noticed that my paddleboard still had its camera turned on and the only picture I got was this
The food did not work so I tried good old grass and clover. I quickly netted the youngster and brought it to safety under my arm where it hid it's head. I set off carrying my quite heavy gear after thanking the boaters for there help I went to find the family. After a mile walk and strange looks from and explaining I was reuniting the cygnet with it's family. The cygnet scratched my arms to bits but it perked up when it saw the family so I threw down some oats releashed the yougster and the family were back together till today.
Today mum went on the river beside the canal and left the 4 cygnets alone for the morning up and down the canal. I knew they would be okay and so I searched for them and I found them hidden down the river feeding on the vitimin rich weed that is growing in nice clumps this year providing food for birds and cover for fish moving into deeper weather.
As action camera mounts for my paddle board go into 3 figures I decided on making one. 
A laptop table leg plus cctv mount and after melting with my soldering iron it made the perfect mount.
 With the weather so hot and the rivers being so low I'm spending many an afternoon waist deep to cool off whether sunbathing on my paddleboard or walking up river its so nice to see all the rivers so beautiful.
A new marina on the canal and possibly a place I may moor a boat
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