Thursday 19 May 2016

From my Doorstep to the sea...PT 1

Over the Winter months I have been thinking about a physical challenge I could do involving Nature,  cycling and the sea. After abit of Brainstorming I came up with the idea to bike from my own home all the way to the North Wales coast and end the journey at Talacre, Prsetstayn maybe Llandudno.
Here's a map showing the journey we will be doing
Journey starting point - Middlewich to Davenam about 5 miles
 Other options for end destination
Davenham to Talacre about 45 Miles
Davenham to Prestatyn about 48 Miles
Davenham to Llandudno(Little Orme) is my ultimate aim about 60 Miles
The journey is about 50+ miles which should take us less than a day with breaks every 20 miles or so.
My brother is planning to join me on the challenge which will be taking place  sometime in July. Over the next few months we will be planning the route, finding out what equipment/supply's are needed. Each week we will be doing some biking to local Nature places we also plan to increase the distance biked in one afternoon each week to increase our stamina. Our first training journey will be from my home in Middlewich to Delamere forest which is about 12.5 miles in total. As we will be coming back in the same afternoon we will be biking 25miles + in one session which is the most we have done.

Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe
Next time: We bike to Delamere forest on a lovely sunny day but do we make it???

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