Sunday 20 September 2015

Tawny Owlets at Nant y gama

Near the cottage we rent while on the North Wales coast there is large woodland about 5 minutes away and recently we heard that there was an Eagle Owl in one of the areas of the woodland. Unfortunately we never spotted this beast of a bird even though we looked about 8 times over the 2 weeks we spent there. While searching the Woodland we heard Blackbirds alarm calling off one of the woodland paths and this could mean one thing at this time of the year and that is Tawny Owls of coarse. We spotted 2 quite developed Owlets flying from one tree to another. They were quite high up when one moved the other would follow by the time we left the pair went from the middle of the woodland to the edge.
From photographing Tawny Owls down by my local canal I have learn't the adult birds usually roost close by and thanks to my brothers eagle eyes he spotted one of them in the tree next to the Owlets.
While watching the Tawny's I heard the call of a Woodpecker chick nearby. After searching a few trees I found the hole with a young Great Spotted Woodpecker sticking it's head out waiting for a feed but what we saw feed the chick was very usual.

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