Tuesday 28 July 2015

Yellow Hammers and a Duck nest on my local patch

Last weekend it was very sunny so we decided to spend the day enjoying some of my local wild areas that I have not been able to properly checkout even though I have lived here for many years. I remembered hearing Yellowhammers while walking to work in the early hours last summer so there was my first port of call. While walking on the road near Sandbach I new about a country path which leads onto some farmland. Within seconds we spotted our first then we heard a second and within 10 minutes we heard/saw about 7-8 along a 500m area of farmland along a railway track.
After we left the farmland we got back on the canal and found a Mallard nest which looked like the vegetation had been destroyed over the nest. I guessed it was a canal boat trying to moor up as there was another break in vegetation close by.
Out in the open due to a careless boat owner
The female Mallard flew off as we walked by leaving the eggs vulnerable and out in the open. To make the nest more hidden and keep the female from being undisturbed. We decided to rip out vegetation where there were no nests to build a roof over her nest and block off from the tow path.
Sitting on her nest safe and sound
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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