Saturday 7 March 2015

Visit to Middlewich's Swan meeting point

A lovely sunny day yesterday so I popped down to the local Swan meeting point to count the Swans with my brother. My brother aka the Swan Whisperer records numbers of adults and cygnets each day when he can. He also records there tag numbers to update the Swans movements with the local Swan/bird ringer David Cookson. We then find out the Swans movements and histories from where they were ringed, male or female and where they have been spotted over there time since being ringed.
While my brother counted them I took an opportunity to get a few low photographs:
One Swan seemed to own the high ground to get all the food and kept pecking any that would get to greedy
As we were leaving 2 more adults flew in at last light to join the ever growing group of swans
Middlewich Swan meeting area is monitored by a local Swan group who have campaigned and paid for a fence to stop the Swans getting on the nearby road which is great. I appreciate all they have done in doing this for the Swans protection. The small group of 5 also feed and monitor the swans health which is also a great thing to do. Over the past few years my brother has done alot for the swans as I have myself for the Swans and other local wildlife, habitats and conservation over a large local area. We patrol with our cameras regularly to enjoy the fresh air, outdoors and make sure there's no wildlife crimes being committed. We have both received alot of praise and some media attention which was not our intention but if it helps to promote caring for nature locally then I am up for it. We don't have much to do the local Swan group as my brother has received lots of negative behavior from the chairman of the local Swan group but I only care about the wildlife's safety not credit or praise. So to anyone who's bitter about the Swan Whisperer and his work, I would just let it go.
Anyway now that I've cleared that up here's a few more photographs I took yesterday at the Middlewich Swan meeting point
Hard at work ;-)
Keeping the pecking order
Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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