Wednesday 4 March 2015

Is it Spring or not spring?

As the end of February was approaching and the weather warmed up for a few weeks. With this sudden change in temperatures things here began to grow from the strong smelling Wild Garlic to the lush fresh green grass and it's all sprouting up on my local patch in Cheshire.
On the lake one of the Great crested grebe pair has returned and he or she will be watches the skies calling out to it's mate or another Grebe flying over. I am hoping they will be both here before mid March and then they will begin there courtship to nest building and then egg laying. Hopefully I will be filming there efforts as there season progress and I really like getting in close without disturbing.  I mainly use mini cams and Camera traps to capture the best action in the day and at night. I have filmed them in this way for the past 2 years and each they return and breed successfully right up to the chicks reaching adulthood and the point they leave in early winter with the adults to spend the winter on the coast.
One strange thing on the lake this year is the absence of the pair of Swans that are normally patrolling the area ready to begin there nesting season. This got me thinking about where Flash and his new mate Whisper are as this got me thinking whether they know more than we do especially about the warmer weather. As the cold weather has returned I'm thinking this may be the case and over the next week or two I'll be checking as much of the local rivers, canals, lakes and ponds to see if I can find them.
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