Saturday 26 February 2011

Off to Wales to film Wild ormes of the North tomorrow

 Just a quick post today due to going to Wales tomorrow to begin filming and I am packing my kit and checking I have everything I need for filming. Hopefully the weathers going to be more like spring next week with plenty of sun and overall abit warmer as last night we watched a group of bats hunting insects on the edge of a woodland down by the river which is a great sign. 
I will be posting daily next week on what we have seen/filmed and photographed upto friday and I will try to add photos but due to using a wifi connection so I don't know what the speed will be like when uploading photos.
The main objectives of this week is to explore the ormes at different times of the day and to get some of the crucial shots aswell as keeping an eye out for our target spiceis of Dolphins, foxes, various birds and not forgeting the Atlantic grey seals that have been reporded in the area so that will be my first thing to go and film so fingers crossed and hopefully we will have lots of footage to work with by Friday when we have to return.


  1. Hi Mike, I've just been catching up with your interesting posts. I do hope the weather is kind to you next week, it sounds like you will have a great time, good luck!

  2. Thanks weathers sunny all week!!!!!!!!
    I have filmed quite abit in a day.

  3. Internet failed so could not post daily when I was there.