Monday 9 February 2015

A few days on the coast

I have a few days off this week so I am hopefully heading off to N.Wales for 2 nights of wild camping. I have packed sleeping bags, emergency foil blankets and lots of warm, fleece type clothing just in case it gets too cold. If we don't need them then they will make a comfy mattress. I have included lots of high energy snacks and some tasty comfort food as we will be walking quite a few miles of coastline. We are not taking any cameras as we only have one full day there and as our DSLR's are quite weighty with lenses included. I thought that we can have more important supplies instead of taking our cameras such as extra phone battery's and water. The weather is looking better this week and less chilly but as it's very changeable there I am hoping for abit of sun. 
Usually I stay in a local cottage on the North Wales coast which I had to cancel a few weeks ago as I have been up and down health wise and was unsure whether I would be better in time. Plus I ended up having to work an extra day in the middle of my week off so I would have had to go Tuesday morning and come back Thursday afternoon which seemed a little pointless. Now I am feeling stronger I maybe going for a few nights. I need my Coast fix and having not been since early December when I got food poisoning on my 30th birthday it's been a while since I last enjoyed myself there so hopefully we shall have a nice few days roughing it on the coast.
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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