Saturday 7 February 2015

Buzzard, Snow and sheltering with the Swans

Over the past few weeks while walking around my local patch we have been seeing a Buzzard near one of the Roman historical areas by the T&M canal. It seemed to be not bothered by us getting close to it and over the next few days I pushed even closer right up to it's circle of fear. The Buzzards here always come close to the towns when we get winter snow and the ground freezes. I guess it's because it gets harder to feed in the countryside and they come to the warmer areas to search for food, so I new it would be around for a while and over the week I found it was feeding on worms in a small and quiet woodland area by the river.
Buzzard perches on a Roman Middlewich information board
Hunting on the river
The local Cemetery covered in snow
I also photographed Flash and Whisper during a snow storm while we sheltered under a canal bridge to wait out the wind that came out of know where and the pair joined us to shelter to. I was only happy to share some of my lunch with them as we were both snowed into this cozy little area.
Before the wind and snow began.....
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