Monday, 28 July 2014

Down by the river testing the easybreath surface mask

With all these hot days I have been spending many afternoons by the river cooling off either kayaking or just having a quick dip in my wet suit but yesterday I got to see under the surface of the river with a fantastic new piece of kit. Luckily I suspected this product would sell out very quickly and they did so as soon as they were in stock I bought two. I received them both last week and I could not wait to get into the water use them as I have been waiting for them to release this product for a few years. They currently only have one model released and it's Blue and the size is XL so perfect for my big head ;-) hopefully they will release in other colors and a smaller sized model for kids.
The Easy breath mask allows you to breath just under the waters surface and see into an underwater world and unlike the snorkel this product allows you to breath normally as you would on land. To see more information about this product click the link below:
As I don't live by the sea and won't be back there till September when things may be a little cooler. Rather than wait till next summer I decided to find a clear flowing area on my local river with a few areas of weed. On Thursday afternoon after work I ended up putting on my wetsuit and taking one mask down to the river to test and my brother used the mask to get the some promo photographs. We ended up observing Minnows in clear water and I was surprised that they did not swim off and swam right in front of my eyes. After a few goes using the mask it started to become second nature as when you first go under the water your natural reaction is to take a deep breath. It was a perfect way to keep cool on a hot summers day down by the sparkling waters of the river Dane which is only 10 minutes from my front door.
My brother looking like a Power Ranger

The mask is an amazing piece of kit and for under £40 is worth every penny and hopefully I will be able to use in the sea if the weather holds out and I should be able to see better as it was abit murky in the river and I could not see clearly into the deeper parts.

It feels like a your wearing a futuristic space mask and hopefully they will develop other models which allow the wearer to go under the surface without letting water into the breathing tube. The mask is made by Tribord which is a well known brand in the water sport field but as they are struggling to supply this model in the UK I am guessing it could take a few years for any new models to be released but based on this one models popularity they would be silly not to.

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Kayaking on the river looking for signs of Otters and bumping into Kingfishers

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