Thursday 19 March 2015

A quiet start to Spring on my local patch

It's still very quiet start here to Spring regarding mammal and bird nesting/breeding wise. Our local breeding Swans and Grebes have not returned yet and in the past they are usually back and beginning to start displaying and finding a suitable nest site. I am hoping to find an area with a Fox den for filming cubs playing and other behaviors. I will be visiting my local Badger sett this week as I have a gut feeling that with this warmer weather and lighter nights, I may be able to catch them out in the low light and have a nice Spring evening encounter.
I know its still very early but I'm ready to get filming and start enjoying the new beginnings that start off the busiest months of the year for most of our British wildlife and I for one just enjoy Spring so much.
Hopefully it will pick up very soon and I'm sure there will be lots of exciting wildlife encounters to come.

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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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