Monday 8 July 2013

Diarie short - House Martins on my local river and a few other spots

While looking for Kingfishers to photograph I spotted a group of House Martins by the river and they began to collect mud from the river bank to build there nests on the local house about 100m from the river Dane.
Found the Kingfisher further up river hiding in a willow tree looking for 
minnows in the clear and shallow water and in this shot it had caught one.
 A male Pheasant in full breeding plumage by the river on some nearby farmland
 Whitethroat coming out of a bramble path where I think it had nested which is a first for my local patch


  1. Our House Martins are getting ready to fledge any day now. I really like that Kingfisher. From Findlay

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  3. Cheers, I cannot believe the nesting season is getting to the end now.