Monday, 16 January 2012

Mink Mink and more Mink

I decided to check the area where I saw the Fox the other day and as we arrived I spotted this Mink sniffing and marking pieces of wood by rubbings its body over them the wood and branches have formed abit of a dam on the river and the Mink was diving in and out of the holes there were Mallards and a Moorhen nearby but the Mink did not seem bothered by them and continued to fish. 

As it was midday the sun shined right down on the mink giving a great quality image. After half an hour the Mink left the water and went down a on the bank I was watching from.
I know how much damage they do to an aquatic environment but they are still entertaining but hopefully soon the local Otters may begin breeding on my local patch or who knows maybe they already are. As I had a camera trap in my back pack I decided to leave the camera on the hole overnight to if I could film the mink leaving once the sun went down.
I shall return tomorrow to see what I have captured on the camera and have another look for the Vixen I saw on the opposite bank fingers crossed I get results on both.

Thanks for reading