Wednesday 29 May 2013

New Swans on the River Dane with Cygnets!!!!!

While walking by the river looking for Kingfishers we spotted a new Swan family that I think nested on some fishing pools further upriver and when they hatch the adults bring them to feed on the large amounts of river weed that grows on the Dane.The father of the river Dane family is well equipped and ready to defend his family from any threats that may come there way even us if we went down to the rivers edge.
A cute shot of the male swan watching one of four cygnets feeding 
in some the vegetation blown into the river by the strong winds

We had some oats in our bags from feeding flash and snow and this little cutey came out of the river from it's first taste of Oats but don't think they like it yet as the Cygnet went back to feeding on the rivers surface.
There River home on the Dane
Nice to see Cygnets after Flash & Snows failure with there young but still does not replace the joy of seeing adult swans that you have watched for years having a family.I saw the odd Kingfisher on the river but they were very flighty and I think we found a Kingfisher nest but unfortunately it's right by a rope swing where the local teens hangout on the sunnier days. Hopefully I can get there early one day to see if they perch nearby to get a hide setup and photograph them away from there nest.

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