Saturday 4 May 2013

More sun, sun, sun and lot's of fish in the rivers!!!

Well we really are getting the sun the past few weeks and as I am still recovering from my week in North Wales where I got sunburn I probably should be staying out of it but I am not complaining. When it's this nice I like to get out and film/photograph as much wildlife as possible. 
As 90% of my local patch in Cheshire has a water source like a  river, stream, lake, reservoir, pond or canal nearby you really notice the change of the water levels when we have more sun than rain and the rivers are really low you can put your wellies on and wade across through the shallow, clear flowing waters of the local rivers the Dane, Weelock and the Croco.

The great thing about the lower rivers is that you can see the all the fish shoals moving upriver to the faster flowing water where there is more oxygen in the water and the currently there is a good amount of fish around in the areas where the sun shines down into the river so it's perfect for underwater filming/photography with the Go pro. We also found this Bullhead under a rock in the shallow river Dane and as Bullheads always go back to the same rock it should be close by or still under the rock.
  So on Monday when it's given it really warm and sunny in the afternoon when the sun is in the wright position I can get the best possible footage/photo I can.

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