Sunday 5 May 2013

What a morning!!!

Had a peaceful kayak this morning with nothing particular I wanted to film as the light was awful but warm with a cool breeze so I decided on kayaking around the lake looking for Reed Warbler nests. I found a Moorhen and Warblers nest in a good position on opposite sides of the lake but no photographs as I got distracted as you will see below ;-(
On my way looking for the nests I noticed the kayak filling up with water fast and the front started lift out of the water. So I quickly jumped out of my kayak onto the bank like Jack Sparrow coming in to dock with his ship sinking below him. I must have emptied the kayak for 10minutes before I got all the water out. I managed to plug the wholes with 2 valves under the boat as the 2 holes were in where the wheels attach when your moving the kayak on land.
Hopefully I can fix as I hope to be on the lake planting Willow cuttings around the duck island to make the most of the summer growth as the lake water really heats up from the old rotting reeds and the sun which creates the perfect minerals on the lakes bottom that make the trees grow fast and strong.
The products that should make my boat good as new
Wish me luck as it's tough place to repair as it's such a small area to seal all of the hole.

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