Tuesday 30 April 2013

Slowworms on the Little orme at Llandudno

While walking back from a day of filming on the great Orme we noticed a brown snake basking in the sun by a busy roadside and after looking around the area abit more we found about 5 along a 5M stretch of a rocky ledge.
After keeping an eye on them over the week it seemed they would only bask there during certain hours when the sun was directly on the area where the Slowworms slithered out from under the leaves and one came out from a mouses hole and returned there when the sun went down. A nice little find and one I did not expect another reason why I love Llandudno as there is so much still to find and film.

 I expect I will be going there for many years yet and as I have lots more ideas for filming the wildlife there I cannot wait to return in June for 2 whole weeks.

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If your wondering why I have made my name on the photographs bigger and uploading in lower resolution read the link below:

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