Saturday 16 March 2013

Waders on sunny day by the sea

On one sunny morning on my February N.Wales trip I had a day to myself and I decided to walk back from Rhos on sea to the little orme as the tide was in, so I had my eye out for a Purple Sandpiper. I managed to get a few photographs of the regular waders that are nice to see by the sea and I love the fact that at high tide how unbothered by how close they are to man the circle of fear
My shot of the day has to be this Turnstone in flight as they are my favorite waders and have so much character for a little bird and for me they are a must see bird when I am on the coast.
No Purple Sandpipers but a new bird for my list is a Grey Plover dodging the waves it was quite far away but I was quite pleased with a cropped shot for a record.
 A few photographs from my afternoon that stood out for me:
A dog enjoys a play on the very rocky beach
A small group of male and female Wigeon on the sea
I still find it strange seeing ducks on the sea

Until my next blog post here's a Seal that looks like it's waving

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  1. A brilliant selection of waders. I need to get back to the sea really soon. From Findlay