Thursday 14 February 2013

I get added to a wildlife filmmaker site!!!

Another busy week at the minute with prepping for my wildlife trip to N.Wales as well as getting things done on my local patch ready for when I return from Camera bird boxes to work at my woodland digging a new pond out before spring arrives and the green shoots begin to grow. Over the past few days I have seen new green leaves starting to open on the trees which is nice to see as the season of winter begins to shift to the promise of new life and growth.
With work going on outdoors as well as indoors I have been putting some time into getting my name out there and I have recently joined a great new site to promote wildlife filmmakers and presenters.
I only have one trailer on there for a piece I have been working on for a few years but as some of you are aware my camera broke and I was left with no camcorder to film with. Luckily the other day a great opportunity came up to get a great little camera and accessories from a trusted friend of Simon Kings so now I can begin filming again for a Show reel, Duck pond film and Wild ormes of the North which can be watched below & if any of you are on Twitter i would appreciate if you could Tweet the video using the button on the page link below.
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