Thursday 31 January 2013

New kit to edit 2012 footage

I have had a few months without access to my HD footage from 2012 due to my main camera breaking and yesterday I received my new piece of kit HDV recorder which allows playback of HDV tapes and recording of high quality input cameras which will come in handy when filming Foxes at night feeding on a beach on the 
North Wales coast.
As I have not filmed anything for a while and watching my 2012 footage has really inspired me to get back into it and develop my business and filming to a new level. I have been working on a few secret projects involving Badgers, Otters so hopefully these will deliver some amazing footage never before filmed in Cheshire and that's if all goes to plan.
Thanks for reading

Here's a few screen captures of what I have found so far:


  1. Hi Mike, really looking forward to seeing some of your new project shots of the Badgers, your images of the Badger and the Kingfisher are outstanding, Thanks for sharing, I hope your Plans work out, Best Regards, Trev.

  2. Thank you that means alot, hopefully I can get the shots I want and your comment has boosted me into getting them.