Saturday 15 December 2012

Top 12 Wildlife moments of the year 2012 - Number 11

For my number 11 of my best wild moments of 2012 I have chosen something which captivated me and put me off eating an egg for weeks.
In the late spring in May I had a wonderful afternoon kayaking on the flashes this afternoon as the Swallows were out in force, Dragonfly's zipping about, Carp splashing around on the still sunlit water but the exciting thing was that the Coot eggs seemed to be cheeping. 
After I arrived I saw a Coot adult with 2 young feeding nearby so I went to the nest and as the family was undisturbed I was privileged to be watching a Coot egg hatch in a cute little bundle of black feathers with a bright colored face and as they look nothing like the adults at this stage. It was amazing to watch the little youngster see the world for the first time so once hatched I left and allowed the parents to return and as there are still 3 eggs left that did not seem to be cheeping yet so I am guessing there either unfertilized or a few days behind this little cutie.
A tiny crack
First light
A little help from the adults after a went to check the Grebe nest and returned
Free from the egg and out in the big wide area of the flashes.
A little close-up of the baby Coot resting after hatching
 Here's a few close ups from that day.
 On one day I went to visit the nest after hatching and the adults and chicks were so used to me the young birds tried to climb into my kayak to have a sunbathe with me.
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