Wednesday 29 August 2012

Selling off old kit to buy new

Over the past few weeks I have been selling off my old kit that I don't use anymore and with the money I made from the sales I bought 2 pieces of that I have wanted for a while.
I needed the new lens of coarse as my old one is very temperamental and should get lots of use on my next Wales holiday so fingers crossed for a bright sun filled week and if I can photograph the Grey Seals and seabirds on and in the sea. As I will not get the chance again this year I am going all out and trying alot of new kit and filming ideas from more Fox filming on the prom at night to body boarding filming seals using my next purchase a GOPRO HD HERO 2!!!! my filming kit is 
building up now and this will give some great point of view footage.

I shall be using both over the next few so expect some test footage and photos on my next blog.

Thanks for reading



  1. Good luck with the new lens Mike, look forward to the pics

  2. Thank you Gary I tested today and very happy with it.
    Cheers Andrew I am hoping for a wild week of fun and wildlife.