Saturday 18 August 2012

A unfortionate find and Badger video 2012 edit

No blogging recently as I have a week of repainting my indoor and outdoor offices so I have not been able to sit down and focus on any PC work. Here's a little edit following from last weeks wonderful Badger encounter.
Following on from the Badger filming as I was recently checking one of my other filming areas where I have permission from a local farmer to use his land for wildlife related projects and I was horrified when I checked a hole by a river gully running between 2 areas of farmland.
There was papers inside no addresses stuffed inside a supermarket bag and looked burnt there were some clues of who put it there as well as tracks so I know who they are and have contacted the proper people for further investigation as the hole in question could be an Otter holt due to location and signs nearby
so its very serious stuff.

Thanks for reading


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