Sunday 19 August 2012

Holiday/filming week countdown to last trip of 2012

Only 3 weeks to go until I get to go to Wales for a week of filming, photography and relaxation. Plus a new hobby I want to try and that's body boarding with a wildlife twist of coarse. Those who have read my blogs will no that I am the kind of person that once I put my mind to something I will do it and normally pull it off but with this one it will test me as I have never swam with Seals before only kayaked so on a body board fitted with 2 mounts with 2 cameras one on the body board at the front on the surface and one underwater so I can angle the cameras easily by turning the board towards the Seals. I am scared but excited to try it all the kit is bought including board, fins and cameras all I need to do it modify the board and test on the river in the next week or two.
Planning the weeks rota for fun and work while sunbathing on my roof at sunset
 New kit

  Artists impression of Body boarding idea
  I have a busy few weeks of wildlife and life stuff to do so I will be blogging from the field on my Ipad so keep checking back for some interesting posts and whatever I don't have time to blog about will be saved for the Winter months when thinks get a little quieter.

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  1. cant wait to see the pics Mike, good luck with it!!

  2. Thank you it's all down to the weather now.