Saturday 11 August 2012

Brock wood Badger clan 2012 all safe and sound

After a few weeks of waiting for a summers evening to film the Brock wood (not real name of the wood to keep them safe) Badger clan that I have been monitoring for about 4 years now and I finally got the chance on Friday night. The wind was low the sun was shining with blue sky above all positive signs until we arrived at the sett where it seemed every mosquito has decided to wait for a feed on us. After a few hours of waiting and many mosquito bites later the clan came out a few adults came out which then allowed the younger members to come out and until now I had not seen them and as there easily identifiable from the older members of the group due to there nervous nature and they are a little bit smaller.
This years cub the most confident one (Bold)
 One of the older members of the clan (Boris)
I got about 15 minutes of HD footage on my camcorder so I was quite pleased with the evening and after a few weeks of a filming break it was an encounter I needed and to see them so healthy and in good numbers must mean they are safe as they can be.
Filmed on an Iphone and uploaded to youtube Direct from the Badger sett isn't technology amazing!!!
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