Friday 22 June 2012

A lack of Foxy encounters well cubs that is

One thing on my filming week in Wales was to catch up with my coastal Fox family on the Ormes but as I have not had any luck on my past visits this year I was hoping for more sightings as this time last year we got great views and footage of the family that sunbaths on cliffs edges that 
look down on dog walkers and over the sea.
Last years family
This years sighting
This years sightings of a lone adult sunbathing was spotted many times over the week but no cubs or any more foxes were seen so maybe over the winter one of the adults was killed but as long as an adult is holding the territory, I believe that sooner or later a new family will begin where last years did so well and as the Fox family is not there the Rabbits seem to be in large numbers and more confident so in time hopefully nature will balance itself either this winter when new bonds between foxes are formed.

As no fox family was found at last years territory we decided to try a new site still by the sea but in a more urban location near a golf coarse where an adult was spotted earlier in the year but no cubs were seen 
and the male fox seemed to be one of last years cubs.
A mole caught and scent marked by the Golf coarse Fox is it a meal or a plaything for cubs or a cubs practise capture when learning to hunt.
 I cannot be positive but i will check back in July to see if the mystery can be solved.

Stoat or Weasel kit found in a feeding area where there were droppings, bird remains and pieces of rabbits. The remains of the kit smelt strong but not of a fox possibly a Stoat due to the smell.
A Dunnock perched on a bramble branch on my last visit to the Golf coarse Fox territory no cubs but a great place to keep an eye on for Fox cubs in the future.

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