Sunday 27 May 2012

Grebe update - Hatching time is close

As it takes up to a month for Grebes to incubate there eggs I think its sometime this week and that's only if the eggs are fertile. There are 4 eggs in the nest now and it would be great to see them hatching so I will be going every afternoon to see if they have hatched. This morning I got some beautiful footage from my 2 CCTV cameras on the nest one on the front of the nest and one to the side.
Below is shot from each camera and the side view camera moved but caught a lovely piece of footage of the female calling to the male with a grunting sound.
While in my kayak I duck taped my Sony Handy cam to my kayaks fishing rod holder for a point of view of what kayaking on the flashes is like and what I get to see.
A little clip from this morning of the camera that moved but caught the Grebe grunting to the male bird.
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