Tuesday 29 May 2012

Hungry caterpillar in a buttercup meadow

Today I only managed to get out for an hour as I had a few jobs to do after work but I did find this lovely caterpillar in a meadow near to one of my Badger setts film sites.  As the meadow was covered in the yellow glow of buttercups it seemed to perfect to miss an opportunity of photographing this wonderful little creature in beautiful surroundings.
 Last but not least a close up of the Caterpillar I think it looks like a mini Walrus
After returning the caterpillar to where we found it I posted the photos on Twitter for identification and I was quickly informed that it was a Drinker moth caterpillar and a first for me which is great.

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  1. What a lovely set of pics of the Drinker caterpillar, buttercup fields make for such lovely backdrops

  2. Thank you it was a first for me and a great little caterpillar to photograph.