Sunday 13 May 2012

A few photos from an early mornings kayak

Sorry for delay in posting as I have been in ill for most of last week so I did not have the energy to go out let alone sit at my PC and write anything but below is abit of what I got up to on Saturday morning on my day off from work.
On Saturday morning the weather looked perfect for an early mornings kayaking trip on the flashes to film the Grebes on the nest as well as try to get a few photographs of Reed Warblers before the reeds begin block off there singing perches and then they can only be heard and not really seen. The sun was shining the water was calm plus the birds were singing there dawn song at 5am forming a wonderful relaxing scene. I managed to find a regular singing perch on a reed that the same bird would always return to so it can establish its area of reed bed as well as attract a female then build a nest and hopefully if I can find a nest on the edges f the reed beds I will be setting up a camera on it to capture there daily life in the safety of the reed beds.

My favourite has to be this one no reeds blocking the Warblers face and as you can see it just began singing its beautiful song, which can be heard here.
 I was only about 4 metres away from its singing perch and I was using a 300mm lens from my kayak as it sang.
 I have filmed more of the Grebe nest yesterday as well so I will post about that next time as well as the little bundles of cuteness below.
Thanks for reading