Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sun, Sun and more Sun (March 27th)

As I write this I am sunbathing on my roof as my PC is not working and as it's to nice to be stuck at my desk so I am not too bothered as we have had alot of warm weather the past few days and its good to have nothing to distract me from the sunny weather. 
I have noticed many changes on my local patch of Middlewich from the sudden explosion of green leaves in the woodlands to the amount of birds pairing up and nest building plus my main worry is my wildlife pond which getting very low due to the really hot weather. 
 If this weather continues I shall be trying to film the badger clan of Brock wood at midday as when the weather is hot it begins to dry up the ground making it alot harder to feed on the worms that go deeper into the ground to find Moisture.
 More details on the subjects I mentioned above in my next blogs and I have about 20 blogs written in my  book that I take with me when out and about so I can write with out being stuck inside whether it be in my kayak or by the sea on the Ormes in Llandudno and as I now have an Ipad I can blog direct from the field so expect the blog posts thick and fast from now on.

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