Monday 19 March 2012

Natural hedge planting at the Badger sett

A quick post today as I have to alot of work to do at one of my safe Badgers setts and it consists of cutting back some Hawthorn trees and then using the cuttings to plant around the setts edges allowing small gaps for mammals to pass through without allowing any people to get through so when the branches grow a thick hedge will grow around the sett creating a natural barrier keeping the Badger sett protected and hidden from anybody who may wish to cause any harm to the Badger clan and as the Hawthorn branches have thorns that the animals of the area are used to they should be okay with the new hedge. Once the hedge is completed the only available access is over water so I can still get there to film and then I can leave them in peace without fear of returning to find evidence of cruelty and as the cubs will be venturing out soon I am hoping they will be extra safe when they feed and frolic around the sett entrances like they did last year which was an amazing thing to film.
If you watch at the end you can see the Badger cubs tail flies up I am thinking it had abit of gas
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