Wednesday 28 September 2011

Turnstone Tuesday an afternoon at the beach

I decided to finish work early on Tuesday to spend the afternoon at North Wales for a few hours of  relaxation by the beach with a friend and my brother we ended up taking a football as well as my DSLR and I decided to leave my HD camcorder at home as the afternoon was for a few hours of fun on the beach and as the sun was shining it was a wonderful afternoon and on the way back to the car on one of the rocky walls I spotted my favourite birds the Turnstone in a group of about 30 but the great thing about this shot was the background with the blue sky and the green algae on the rocks really made the shot special. The light was perfect and shined right down on the group giving some great detail and colour in their feathers so I was very please with the shots I just wished I had my camcorder to film them feeding.
Thanks for reading



  1. They are lovely shots, beautifully captured, and you're right about the perfect backdrops.

  2. Thankyou I just wished I had a few more days or weeks there.

  3. Great images Mike a beautiful little bird.

  4. Cheers Andrew, My favourite bird and I love how close you can get to them as there are one of the only waders that seem to tolerate people close to them.